Spring/Summer 2012 - Newsletter

The Smart Home Seller

In today's  market, seller's must be savvy in planning a sale and marketing their home to achieve a desirable sale. Most seller's who are un-prepared are shocked when they actually find the value of their home is less than what they  think it is.


Location, Location, Location is still a big factor in the value of homes, but the renovation factor plays a big part as well. A home that is truly ready to move in is very desirable in the market. Buyers like quality updates such as  - new kitchens, baths, roof, electrical,  & heating/air. These will go a long way towards bringing offers and buyers. It is important to keep your warranties and try to get warranties that are transferable to buyers when you renovate. Do not skimp on the work here, as a professional job will greatly increase the value of your home.


Cosmetic touches are nice - painting will make a home look fresh and show well, but will not sell it. When painting - remember neutral is always best as everyone's taste is different and most likely buyers will paint to their taste.


Does your home pass the odor test? Exploiting your home with incense, and fragrances only overwhelm buyers. Keep in mind that some people have allergic reactions to them. Have a neutral party tell you if they smell anything undesirable - and treat the source. Mold and mildew from basements are evident if they exist. You must eliminate the moisture issues. Sometimes a good dehumidifier will accomplish this, sometimes if you are getting water infiltration from the walls - you will need to have a professional treat the problem.  If you have pets, then have the carpets professionally treated to remove odors. Any plumbing issues or venting issues need to be corrected. If your home is vacant, leave ceiling fans on to circulate air and keep it from being stagnant.


When you are ready to put it on the market, you must do some research to see what similar homes in like neighborhoods are selling for. You must know what other homes are competing with you for buyers and how long they have been on the market at what price. Why would you want to market your home at a higher price than one down the street that is very similar, and priced less, and has been on the market 6 months? You have a gut feeling of what your home is worth, but you must research to see how it compares with the actual market.


With the current buyer, over 90% actually research the market from their computer. It is simple to pull up homes in neighborhoods that you like and review them online to make the most of your time searching for a home. If you do not market on the Internet - you are missing a large percentage of potential buyers. Of course marketing does not come cheap - there are Internet sites that allow you to market your home for a fee or commission. You can also take out print ads in newspapers or home magazines. Of course the old standby is to put a sign in your front yard and hope someone drives by and sees it. You must remember that with relocation families, who are moving in from out of town and needing to find a home quick - you must be able to market to them as you could be missing a big opportunity. They will usually be working with a Realtor to find them a home.


If you choose to utilize a Realtor to help you market it, be sure to evaluate their services. Do they market their properties? What kind of Internet exposure do they have? Do they offer virtual tours (which allow buyers to see the inside of your home from their computers)? Do they offer enhanced marketing that makes their properties stand out in the marketplace? Placing your home in the hands of an experienced Realtor will usually result in a more satisfactory experience.


Alvin Bowyer (THE DETAIL GUY) is a licensed WV Realtor with Century 21 Homes & Land of Barboursville. Patrick Lucas – Broker. You may reach him at (304) 208-4650. WWW.THEDETAILGUY.ORG